If you wanted to make things wonderful and memorable to your next event. You need to think of something fascinating that every of your guest and visitors can enjoy with. Of course, it is your party or even but you need to think of your friends who are going to attend. You don’t want them to feel bad and bored during the whole time of the party. You can prepare delicious foods and meals for them to have and make sure that you will match it with the best drinks and beverages.  


Having a party game or activity that everyone will require to join would be a good way to kill the boredom and go with the flow of the event. Playing loud music and dancing music would also a great idea to make it even more fun. If you are still thinking of an additional stuff that you could do and would be use as their souvenir as well. Why not to have portable photo booth? In this way, they could take a picture with your friends and with other people.  

They could try to wear for a moment different costumes and props. You can contact a service phot booth center near you are or the location of the event. You could rent it per hour or by one day. Renting this one in one of your events and parties would add fun and excitement to kids as well. Here are some more things you need to know why it is good to have this one in your coming birthday.  

  1. One of the reasons why a lot of parents are having this for the children’s party is because it is easy to install and to use. You don’t need to make things complicated before you can use it. You will just wear the stuff that you want to use and to put to your head or to hold then press the take a picture button and in an instant, you could have the hard copy of the photo. You can also choose if you wanted to take the picture in a horizontal way or even in a vertical position inside the booth. You select of the size of the booth. The bigger the better so that a big group of friends could fit inside the photo booth. The cost would be also different according to the size and time that you will use it.  
  2. The good thing about this one as well is that yes you can get your photo immediately and at the same time you could get a soft copy from the rental booth company. You can save it to your phone and to your computer as well.  You can personally customize the lay out and the frame of the photo in real time.  
  3. It saves time for taking pictures. Someone doesn’t need to be left behind when taking pictures as no one needs to be the one to take the picture. It is the system who will automatically take the picture after pressing the button.  

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